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Suit 12/13, 9 Clarence St 
Moss Vale NSW 2577

Studio One                                       Studio Two


9.30am Ready Set Dance 

10.30am Ready Set Ballet 

3.30pm Primary& Intermediate Pom / Solo

4.30pm Intermediate Acro / Primary Stunt

5.30pm Primary Acro / Intermediate Stunt 

6.30pm Senior Acro / Advanced Snr Acro 

7.30pm Senior Pom / Private Lesson (x2)


3.30pm Primary Ballet / Intermediate Jazz 

4.30pm Inter Ballet/ Primary Jazz

5.30pm Primary_InterLyrical&Contemporary / Senior Lyrical 

6.30pm Senior Ballet / Advanced Ballet 

7.30pm Senior Contemporary / 7.30pm Pointe / 8.00pm Private Lesson


9.30am Ready Set Dance 

10.30am Ready Set Ballet

3.30pm Primary Hip Hop / Intermediate Tap

4.30pm Intermediate Hip Hop / Primary Tap

5.30pm Private lessons (x2)/ Boys Crew

6.30pm Senior Hip Hop / Advanced Tap

7.30pm Advanced Hip Hop / Senior Tap


3.30pm Pre Primary Dance (Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop)/ Private Lesson (x2)

4.30pm Pre Primary Ballet / U8 Team

5.30pm U12 Team / U10 Team

6.30pm Senior Jazz / Advanced Jazz

7.30pm U14 Team / U16 Team 


9.30am Ready Set Dance

10.30am Ready Set Ballet

3.30pm Primary&Inter Drama / Senior Screen

4.30pm Primary&Inter Voice / Senior Drama

5.30pm Senior Voice / Primary&Inter MT

6.30pm Senior MT / Private lessons (x2)

7.30pm Private lessons (x2) / Private Lessons (x2)


9.30am Junior Cheer Combo / Ready Set Dance

10.30am Pre Primary Cheer Combo / Ready Set Ballet

12.30pm onwards Private Lessons

12.00pm Senior Cheer Stunt 

Moss Vale: Classes
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